domingo, 31 de janeiro de 2010

Bazaar Restaurant

just LOVED to dine at Bazaar Restaurant in Madrid, the day before new years eve.  There's this white space that works as a background for every wine bottle, plate, glass, book, spice package that fils every 'empty space'. 
The ambience makes you wanna eat and drink more, stay there the whole night. 
The food is just priceless ( and not expensive at the same time:) ) 

sábado, 30 de janeiro de 2010

the new yeaaaar

Good evening!
I'm starting this blog because it just felt right to. 
I love to write and i have so many thoughts in my mind all the time that i have to get "rid" of them somehow, same way!  It's wierd that i'm running out of words right know when i just said what i said before ( wierd things happen to me)  anywayyyy , i'm kind of tired tonight but i promise  i came back with same interesting things to say, places to show. 

Lots of love!

ohh i have to say this, i had this blog idea yesterday, in a middle of a totally random day, so as i was without my computer i just wrote this on a piece of papper:

I kind of have this need to start writing. I’m right now needing SO MUCH same passion in work. I need to feel useful, to help, to love what i do. The thing is i’m following rules too much and i got lost somewhere so i need to go somewhere far and need to know which decisions to make and of course to improve my english in writing.

Today in the bus i felt like i wanted to write. I like drawing but is not THE THING. I love art, DESIGN, people, spaces, TRAVELING, and i’m a mess lot’s of times.  I want to write about spaces, buildings, people, history, places. I want to begin a career in interior and exterior design and i feel i should start writing about it. ( and i promise i won’t talk much about me and my messy life) . Maybe i can learn something and probably share it with you people. 

I feel like i’m julie from julie and julia trying to find same meaning. 



(listening to rocket man for the 100 time!)