segunda-feira, 19 de julho de 2010

Fashion in Movies - War and Peace

War and Peace from 1956 starring my favorite actress is a great movie and a fashion show at the same time. Audrey looks stunning in every outfit and the russian army is perfectly characterized

Natasha Rostov: Nicholas.
Nicholas Rostov: Yes?
Natasha Rostov: The expression on my face.
Nicholas Rostov: What about it?
Natasha Rostov: Do I look disdainful?
Nicholas Rostov: No!
Natasha Rostov: Youre impossible! Im sure I look disdainful.
Nicholas Rostov: Well, what do you want to look disdainful for?
Natasha Rostov: Well, I thought if I looked bored and disdainful
nobody would notice that this is the first ball Ive ever been
to... Hows this? Better?
Nicholas Rostov: Oh, thats much better.
Natasha Rostov: Good.

(one of my favorite quotes)

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