sábado, 30 de janeiro de 2010

the new yeaaaar

Good evening!
I'm starting this blog because it just felt right to. 
I love to write and i have so many thoughts in my mind all the time that i have to get "rid" of them somehow, same way!  It's wierd that i'm running out of words right know when i just said what i said before ( wierd things happen to me)  anywayyyy , i'm kind of tired tonight but i promise  i came back with same interesting things to say, places to show. 

Lots of love!

ohh i have to say this, i had this blog idea yesterday, in a middle of a totally random day, so as i was without my computer i just wrote this on a piece of papper:

I kind of have this need to start writing. I’m right now needing SO MUCH same passion in work. I need to feel useful, to help, to love what i do. The thing is i’m following rules too much and i got lost somewhere so i need to go somewhere far and need to know which decisions to make and of course to improve my english in writing.

Today in the bus i felt like i wanted to write. I like drawing but is not THE THING. I love art, DESIGN, people, spaces, TRAVELING, and i’m a mess lot’s of times.  I want to write about spaces, buildings, people, history, places. I want to begin a career in interior and exterior design and i feel i should start writing about it. ( and i promise i won’t talk much about me and my messy life) . Maybe i can learn something and probably share it with you people. 

I feel like i’m julie from julie and julia trying to find same meaning. 



(listening to rocket man for the 100 time!)

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