terça-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2010

Postcard Inn

I have this huge crush on eccentric ceiling lamps (:

This interior is from Postcard Inn in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Re-built by SL.Design and B.R. Guest. 
Look at the blue chairs.. and the other thing I think it goes really well in here is the books in the wall. 
Not that i "defend" that books and pillows should play an important role in decoration  because i think it's kind of shallow if that is the only aim these objects are there for. On the other hand it's very relaxing and cosy to sit in a living room and just stare at the book covers or titles.. 

I liked this place a lot, it had brighten  my day. 
I'm gonna go now because I'm just too tired and i still have same work to do before tomorrow. 

Lots of love

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