quarta-feira, 24 de novembro de 2010

Focus on Women's Top Trends for Winter 2011/2012 _ Part I


Dressed is back!

  • outfits are back, suits and costumes
  • wool fabrics, finest leather topping the chart list
  • classic colors : grey black and brown

  • the 1940’s - the cultural scene of this era in the major cities of America
  • urban architecture and the revolution of emancipation 
  • minimalistic, pratical, masculine and yet traditional


  • as in men’s fashion: classic, traditional, discrete.
  • glenchecks, pin strips as well as elegant fabrics such as soft flannels
  • leather- in shyny nappa as well as with wool or on its own for trousers, jackets or even suits


  • classic utensils are back
  • charming eye catcher suits
  • emphasys on leather
  • kelly bag is back!

  • Basic: pantone 19-40005 tex, 18-3905, 18 5203
  • Matching: pantone 14-0000  tex, 18-1222 tex, 15-1116 tex
  • Accentuate: pantone 19-3915 text, 19-1521 tex

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