sábado, 20 de novembro de 2010

Time to start all over again !

How weird it is that even Google launches his fashion website?
I've been very thoughtfull lately about how unspectable the 'fashion world' has became in a certain way and on the other hand how it's been not surprising at all in a creative aspect. ( I have a big 'bravo' for Viktor&Rolf though)
Anyway is it the creators? Or is everyone too afraid?
Here it cames the big question : is it true that there is nothing left to create?! I don't think so and well I guess who does has to change their minds quickly because practicly speaking that depressing ideal has no legs to walk!
Let's think outside the border, the limit ! Let's not be afraid of our secret and unconscious desires... who knows where that can get us (:
Here it goes clichés like "think outside the box" or "get out of your comfort area" and please people print them, put them on you office, desk, bathroom door and start now to think wildly !

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