domingo, 20 de junho de 2010

Li Edelkoort

Li announces the concepts, colours and materials, which will be in fashion two or more years in advance because, "there is no creation without advance knowledge, and without design, a product cannot exist."

• Paper industry: from paper to hygiene
• Automobile industry: from concept to equipment
• Beauty universe: from perfume to cosmetics
• Mass consumption: from food industry to maintenance products
• Accessories: shoes, watches, jewelry…
• High-tech industry: from telephony to electric and electronic devices
• Textile and garment industry: from sportswear to lingerie
• Home environment: kitchen, bathroom, table arts, textiles

Li Edelkoort was born in 1950 in Holland, studied fashion and design at School of Fine Arts in Arnhem.
In 1975 she goes to Paris and starts a full time job as a independent trend consultant.

She is, i can say, a big inspiration, a role model for me. I will talk more about her, later in the blog.

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