segunda-feira, 28 de junho de 2010

Visual Power

The thing I find most impressive in clothes is how they talk for us. Our voice when we are in silence in the middle of a crowd. 

I reckon Vivienne Westwood as an example. I mean how she talked and targeted her good old days with her provocative and flamboyance outfits! 

Her clothes were speaking for her: her political view, her musical taste and her attitude. 

It is amazing to observe humankind and the way we all express ( or don’t) ourselves. For example I wish my writing was better so I could show you what I really mean by this (the fact that i

t isn’t my mother tongue doesn’t really help but I will improve I promise). Thought, back on track, some can’t write and some can’t even talk, argue or defend themselves by oral communication and this is when visual comes in. 

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