sábado, 19 de junho de 2010

Soho Hotel Berlin and life

Good afternoon ! 

I need to start by showing an hotel in Berlin - Soho Berlin with interiors by designer Susie Atkinson and London-based Michaelis Boyd Associates.

The "worst" thing about being a creative is when you see in others work something you've already imagine in your head! 
So if this is your case, expose your ideas as quickly as you can. do not hesitate ! and do not be afraid to tell people what you are thinking/creating/projecting. It is not like they will steal your work, perhaps others can even help you succeed.

I have a work in project in my head.. in some weeks I will show it to same portuguese interior magazines... It will take a while until I get what I want but I have a good feeling about "this one" 

Well... now the Hotel: 

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