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Isabella Blow - ICON

Tribute to Blow

" keep everyone away from me. They say, Oh, can I kiss you? I say, No, thank you very much. That's why I've worn the hat. Goodbye. I don't want to be kissed by all and sundry. I want to be kissed by the people I love."

Stunishing Isabella Brow... English magazine editor (19th November 1958- 7th May 2007) left us as an admirable inspiration and international style icon.
Muse of the hat designer Philip Trency she is also known for discovering the models Stella Tennant and Sophie Dahl.

Briefly her life time career:

Born Isabella Delves Broughton in Marylebone, London, England

Moved to NYC in 1979 to study Ancient Chinese Art at Columbia University and shared an apartment with the actress Catherine Oxemberg.
While living in NYC she gets friends with Andy Warhol and Basquiat. 

Moves to Texas an year later and is presented to  Anna Wintour. She was hired initially as Wintour's assistant, but it was not long before she was assisting Andre Leon Talley.

In 1986, Blow returned to London and worked for Michael Roberts, then the fashion director of Tatler and the Sunday Times Style magazine.

Works with Steven Meisel in 1993 producing the Babes in London.

In 2004, she had a brief acting cameo in the film The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.
In 2005, Blow starred in a project by artist Matthieu Laurette, commissioned and produced by Frieze Projects 2005 and entitled "What Do They Wear at Frieze Art Fair?"
Alexander McQueen founded Lady Gaga incredibly similar with Blow. We can quickly notice why!

The three last pictures show Blow's coffin in her own funeral 4 years ago...

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