sábado, 5 de fevereiro de 2011

Sacha - fashion photography

1988 ⁄ Marie Claire ⁄ near Château de Raray, Oise ⁄ mannequins Anna Lucia, Sarah, Sam, Belinda, Cléo, Anath ⁄ editor Isabelle Rovillé ⁄ Chantal Thomass, Kenzo, Romeo, Gigli, Issey Miyake, Angelo Tarlazzi, Jean Paul Gaultier © Sacha 

1981 ⁄ Marie Claire ⁄ Essaouira ⁄editor Betty Bertrand /Kenzo and Dorothée Bis © Sacha

Fashion photographer since the very beginning of the 60's the dutch artists worked intensively for the french magazines Marie Claire and Elle as well as for The Sunday Times Magazine, Stern,GQ and the dutch Avenue.
I found it just precious the first picture I post. It is hard to find her work on the internet but there is this book I found on Centre Pompidou ( but I think it can be easy to find)  only about her and her successful career. - "Sacha" from Chêne editions. 

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