segunda-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2011

MTWTFSS Weekday Family

Just arrived from Copenhagen where I visited, once again, one of my favorite stores. In various aspects: label, clothes, interiors, music, ambiance. 
The very active weekday family consists of 5 different individuals.
MTWTFSS is the in-house brand distinguished by its clever graphics and those who found Weekday also created Cheap Monday that even if it is a independent brand it is also sold in Weekday stores.
There is also The Weekday Vintage label which is another family member with , as the name says it, consists of a careful selection of vintage garments.

You can only find these stores in Sweden (Gothenburg, Malmoe, Stockholm and Uppsala), Denmark (Copenhagen, Arhus, Alborg), Germany (Hamburg, Cologne and Berlin) and Norway (Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim) but you can easily buy the clothes online with very accessible prices!

I will talk about and comment this labels initiatives in future posts !

In this post I combine pictures of the stores ( no quality at all I am sorry) with my favorite pieces from S/S 11. 
Big emphases for the nail neckless and bracelets!

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