quarta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2011

Andrée Putman

Last week I went to Hotel de Ville in Paris and waited one hour to see an exposition about Andrée Putman. The description was "Ambassadrice du Style and we really can understand why after taking a look in Andrée's work. 
It already had inspired great names as Karl Lagerfeld for example. 
In a really really really brief:
In 1968 she joined the advertisement agency MAFIA.
In 1971 opens Créatures & Insustriels with Didier Grumbach and discovers talents like Thierry Mugler and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.
In 1978 creates the agency Écart in Le Marais, rue Pavée.
She is also really known for L'Hotel Morgans in New York City and this year her daughter Olivia opened Studio Andrée Putman in rue Chauchat, Paris 9º. 
Her great taste and calculated risks in indoors always show great eye and talent using black and white a lot. 
She was also the "queen of the night" in Paris and NYC in the late 70's frequenting as many other artists and personalities "les nuits du Palace" in rue Faubourg - Montmartre ( an old italien theather transformed in 'boîte de nuit' by Fabrice Eamer) as well as Studio 54.

"Avant-garde, pas avant-garde, c'est n'est pas un problème. Il faut que ce soit possiblement inspiré par hier, complètement adapté à aujourd'hui, et que cela indique la façon dont ça va évoluer demain"

"Le choix des matériaux: c'est un moment gastronomique. Les matériaux aussi ont leurs combinaisons. Certains apportent la sécurité, le bon sens, d'autres répresentent l'esprit, le risque, le coup de folie que l'on dénomine aussi liberté. C'est la réconciliation généralisée entre les matériaux: un symbole valable pour les humains"  

"Le design est un mot qui couvre et sous-entend des choses très pratiques, très solides, voire profondes"

The exhibition is really worth it to take a look at even if you have to stay in the queue for a while. It's free though! And it's in Paris until the 26th Frebruary
The last two creations shown in the pictures above are probably my favorites. Very inspiring!

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