quinta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2011

Cheap is the new chic!

Still in 2010 I just read this article about new year's style resolution in thefashionspot.com and the very first one was exactly a thought that is in my mind for a while:

"1. Stop overspending: We know way too many girls (and guys) who look amazing in all the newest Wang fashions, but secretly struggle to make ends meet. Supporting your favorite designers is great, and we’re all for stimulating the economy, but know your limit. There’s no reason you can’t keep your flyness on a budget. We’ve been around the fashion scene for a long time and we’ve never once rolled our eyes at someone for wearing something that was used, “last season”, or a sample sale find, so get over yourself. And if your friends are these types of eye-rollers, then maybe your #1 resolution this year should be to get new friends. " 

It's crazy how so many people still spend huge amounts of money so often. It's so last century!  
SO vintage stores in Paris for example :P ( I'm strongly addicted) :

The very know Free-P Star 61, rue de la Verrerie 
8 rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie ( the other Free-P Star)

Frippes Star, 1, rue de la Verrerie
Coiffeur Vintage 32 Rue de Rosiers

Vintage, 32 Rue de la Verrerie
Hippy Chic Paris, 11 rue Chapon
RAG, 85 rue St Martin

All in the heart of Paris (more precisely the heart of Le Marais)

So easy, so stylish and SO cheap !

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