quinta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2011

Claire McCardell 1905 - 1958

Claire is called the very first American fashion designer as well as the creator of the "American Look".
Studied Fashion Illustration at Parsons School of Design in 1925 spending the second year at Parsons branch in Paris more exactly in Place des Vosges.
She started her work as an assistant of Robert Turk in 1930. 
Very influenced by Chanel and Vionnet.
In 1942 she makes one of her most popular designs...the "pop over" dress and it's also during the 40's that Claire creates a range of beachwear a playsuits.
In 1955 the designer uses the designs of modern artists like Chagall, Leger, Picasso, Miro and Dufy to make cotton resort clothes.
It is worth to take a look at her work and life !

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